Remark LLC thrives to find effective, efficient and innovative solutions to the problems that the community faces in a day-to-day basis. Armed with the will to bring about change and the power of cutting-edge technology, we believe we can rewrite history.

You can be a part of this remarkable team by joining us as an associate.

Before you delve deeper and apply, it is vital that you know the services that we provide. The list includes, and is not limited to:

Design and develop products by utilizing multiple formulation resources supplied by Remark LLC. This also includes applying information of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) companies to the best use for the development of skincare & color cosmetics products.

Before production & distribution, Remark HB Limited has to go through various testing procedures, whether the product will be suitable for the consumers in this weather or not. The Remark LLC is providing this evaluation testing support to Remark HB Limited.
Remark HB Limited is going to test the improvement/development of customer skin practically after using its product. The customer will visit Remark LLC’s lab and we will collect samples for testing purposes where Remark LLC will provide a wide range of support to ensure the best outcome.
It is a requirement to source three different types of OEM companies as Turnkey, Bulk, and Packaging.
To develop the sophisticated product, machine suppliers are an important inclusion in our associate pool.
As our operations are based on imported raw materials of production, this is a key element of our production process.
Manned services is a crucial production factor in this industry. We will require top level talents to be sourced to run our project.
A research and development team is essential to innovate and launch new products to lead the industry towards sustainable development.
To drive consumer perception towards favorable product evaluation, attractive design and a lucrative outlook is essential.
We will require various types of certifications for distribution in the local market & importation to the international market.
Research, consultation and sourcing of ideal and possible export destinations to open new gateway to successful ventures.
Propose new product ideas that can solve current problems or come up with a more efficient and/or innovative design for an existing product